What does a Fractional CMO do?

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer provides marketing leadership for any company not yet
ready to hire full-time for this position.This means you get experienced and focused marketing direction without the
associated costs of bringing on a new, senior-level employee.

Fractional CMO’s can be brought in as consultants on an interim or part-time basis and
offer a low-risk option for executive-level experience. A new perspective can be just what your current marketing
department needs to give it a boost.

Or if you hire Joshua Ramsey…a ROCKET boost!



(Each program is a minimum of 3 months – cancel any time after the 3rd month)



  • E $5,000 month
  • E 24 hrs. a month (24 hours of phone or screen share)
    • E 4 hours a month in office / person option – Dallas, TX area only
  • E Key upgrades of the Program Overview
    • E Content Development (2 pages a month)
  • E Unlimited Email conversations
  • E Budget Direction and review
  • E Media Buy Negotiation
  • E Full access to Josh’s Assistant(s)
  • E Design Outlines


Full-Tilt CMO

  • E $11,000 month
    • E 50 hrs. a month
  • E In person
    • E 8 hours month (1 full day) – 250-mile radius of Dallas, TX
    • E 8 hours quarter (1 full day) – Outside 250-mile radius of Dallas, TX
  • E Full marketing plan creation (3 months to complete)
  • E SEO strategies implemented by JR and his team
  • E Full reporting
  • E Full access to all developed coded programs created by JR – OneTouch
  • E Unlimited Email conversations
  • E Budget management and direction
  • E Media Buy Negotiation
  • E Lead Tracking program
  • E Fluid budget sheets
  • E Full Access to Josh Assistant(s)
  • E Design outlines


Kickoff Call

  • E 2 hours (every program has this minimum)
  • E Foundational Marketing List Review

Outline Your Full Marketing Plan Through Proprietary Process

  • E Goals
    • E What are your main goal(s)?
    • E How do you plan on hitting them?
    • E Are you hitting them currently?
    • E Discuss the best ways to reach them
  • E Full Brand Review
    • E Website
    • E Brand Guide (if none – we will discuss how to create one and importance)

Access to the Marketing and Branding Toolkit

  • E SEO Checklist
    • E 60+ Point List
  • E Content Writing Template
    • E Headline Starters / Ideas
  • E Lead Tracking Spreadsheets
  • E Marketing Foundational List
  • E Marketing Budget Spreadsheet Ideas
  • E Brand / Website Design Idea
  • E Advertising Budget Projection Calculator
  • E Prospect Qualification Key
  • E Heatmap Program


  • EAccess to Developed Programs (created by one of Joshua Ramsey’s companies)
  • EAd Agency Josh Started in 2009. Competitive Pricing (will beat any ad agency price that has 5 or more employees)
    • EDesigns (website, postcards, billboards – anything)
    • EVideo B-roll and YouTube / TV Production
    • ESEO for Your Company

Setting KPIs

  • ETracking
  • EActual Cost per Lead and Sale
  • EFactual numbers on what you are spending and what lead sources are most optimal to give you more sales
  • EProjecting new avenues for leads
  • EAdvice on any media buys, marketing questions, direction, options, strategies and more