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The following SEO ‘wash’ / Fixes will be completed.

  • Clickable Phone (mobile)
  • Google My Business set up
  • Analytics set up
    – Peak Points of traffic notification set
  • Google Webmaster set up
  • Heatmap implemented
  • Sitemap created
    – Submitted to Google Webmaster
  • Security Certificates added (SSL)
  • Google Captcha to reduce spam
  • Language Tag
  • Toxic links removed
  • CTA Review

The following SEO elements will be identified,
and exact pricing and time will be listed in a report.


Page CountCodeHosting
KW Identification

Keywords/Keyword List

Words used in online searches to find a product or service.

UX User Experience
User Ex – Based on Heatmap– Navigation– Time on Site

UX (User Experience)

The overall experience of a person using your website, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

Alt Image Tags

Image Alt Tags

Giving names to your images within HTML code to describe the appearance and function of an image on a page.

Header Tags

Header Tags

Tags that are used for the creation of headings.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions

A brief description of between 100-150 characters of the contents of a page and why someone would want to visit.

Meta Titles

Meta Titles

A title you give your webpage so that when a person sees a link to your page from the search engine it has a title to go with it.

Website Speed

Website Speed

How fast web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user’s web browser.


AMP Implementation

Accelerated Mobile Pages on a website showing content to users on search engines quickly.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

Previously when writing content, we needed to think of how it was read and perceived by the consumer. Now when writing content, we also need to consider HOW it’s being searched. Content should be plain spoken and written in a conversational tone. Answering questions and ensuring the content makes sense when read aloud are both important for voice search.

Website Errors

Website Errors

Your site needs to be continually monitored for possible fixes because website errors can cause you to lose potential rankings.

Website Crawl Limitations


The ability of a search engine to crawl through the entire text of your website easily without breaks or a dead-end that should not exist.

Mobile Approved / Friendly

Mobile Approved / Friendly

Your website should meet Google standards and user experience on mobile phones.

Missing Pages

Missing Pages

When building a website, many pages are overlooked. Most common is the “Thank You” page. Whenever a customer fills out a form or buys a product, they should always be sent to a “Thank You” page that is unique to the action performed. This helps to track analytics and goals. It also provides a better user experience. The “Thank You” page is one of many examples of missing pages.

Page Names (KW Driven)

Properly Named Pages

When writing page names, most users name pages things like “About Us” and “FAQ Page.” By using keywords when naming the pages (i.e. “About Our Roofing Company” or “Frequently Asked Construction Questions”), we have a better chance of increasing searchability.



Breadcrumbs navigation is displayed to the user, so they can easily see exactly where that web page is located within the web site.

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All CTAs on your site will be reviewed by Joshua Ramsey, CMO.