Webinars – Learn Every Element of SEO and Digital Marketing. FREE! 

Each of the 4 groups show what content will be taught throughout the different dates and courses.

Choose Your Level Of Learning.


This Webinar Is All About Learning The Basics

Perfect for a business owner that wants to understand the baseline of SEO.  Plus what you should expect from any Advertising Digitial Marketing Company.

Baseline Level Of SEO Training:

  • 9Density of text and how it effects online searches
  • 9Understanding users experience
  • 9Easily identify errors on your website
  • 9SEO tools you can trust
  • 9Reading competitors’ strategies
  • 9Idenitify keywords that will have the most impact 
  • 9Read and understand the basics of coding
  • 9Social Reputation
  • 9Navagation error identifications
  • 9Mobile friendly and approved
  • 9How to understand:
    • E Analytics
      (setup and fixes if needed)
    • EWebmaster
      (setup and fixes if needed)
For those that are looking for more than beginner SEO?

What To Expect From The TIGHTER GRIP Webinars:

  1. If you are a business owner and have a good idea of what SEO is and how to analyize key online information – This is your next level to knowledge.
  2. If you are ready to do some of the base SEO yourself and dive in to deeper understanding.  Join us.
  3. This is for business owners ready to identify and fix the errors found during the baseline webinar.

Why Is This SEO Intermediate Webinar Completely Free?

  • 9 Image Visibility & Alt Tags
  • 9 Link Building
  • 9 Toxic Links
    • EIdentify, Removing and Building
  • 9 Google AdWords
    • ECost Per Lead
    • EBasic Management
    • EDo’s and Don’ts
    • ESetting Budgets
  • 9 Paid Ad Options Online
    • EFacebook, LinkedIn and other social media options
  • 9 Sparking Enhancement Ideas
    • EContent Writing 
    • ELead Tracking 
  • 9 Submitting A Website To Search Engines
  • 9 AMP – What is it, When to use it, How to identify pages that need it
  • 9 Internal/ External Hyperlinking
  • 9 Writing!!!(What you think you know-is probably wrong!)
    • EMeta Titles
    • EMeta Descriptions
    • EH Tags
    • EOn Page Content
  • 9 Keywords
    • EThis is legit learning!
    • EFind out what you have been doing wrong for so long!
  • 9 Google Updates
    • EWhat to pay attention to
    • ESensor reading
    • EEAT / BERT/ PIGEON/ PANDA and more
    • ESecurity Strategies
  • 9 Language and Text Tags (Don’t let others steal your content)
  • 9 Checking Compression & Speed
The end goal is to understand and improve those areas of your online reputation and digital brand visibility that can be maximized and
optimized in order to radically change the landscape of your business online.

Advance Your Skills and Really Dive Into Improved Online Strategies.

Perfect for starting SEOers and business owner that are ready to impliment higher level and deeper rooted strategies.

This Is The ONLY Interactive Webinar In This Program. 

Just A Few SEO Training Webinar Topics To Be Taught:

  • 9Sitemaps (All 10+ of them)
  • 9Understanding users experience and making updates
  • 9Reading Heatmaps
  • 9SEO tool training
  • 9Adding Schema
  • 9Voice optimization
  • 9Out maneuvering competitors
  • 9Identify and properly implement keyword strategies (like you have never seen before!)
  • 9Progress Tracking Strategies
  • 9Blowing Out Your
  • 9Social Reputation
  • 9When To Use C-Names
  • 9Google Analytics Enhancements
  • 9Life Changing Linking Strategies
  • 9Breadcrumbs Of Websites

$49/mo Get’s You Access To This Exclusive Package.


      • 9IRON GRIP Advanced Webinars (All 10+ of them)
      • 9All Archived SEO Webinars (Beginners and Intermediate)
      • 9Live Feedback During Webinars
      • 9Live Q&A Each Month
      • 9Adding Schema
      • 9Full Access To The Marketing Strategy Room
      • 9Exclusive Offers & Discounts On Paid Programs
      • 9Plus, Members Can Submit Websites For Reviews Monthly
Join The IRON GRIP Advanced Webinar Group. It is going to change your life!

How Can You Take Your SEO Knowledge To The Next Level?

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Don’t Blindly Trust A SEO Company To Do The Job.

Use This Free SEO Webinar To Understand How They Work & Think.

Learn more about your business – Easy and Fast.

If you are running a business you want to trust people and hire the right fit for each seat in the company. However, it is hard hiring the right SEO or Digital Marketing Company.  The more they talk the more confused many business owners become. You are not alone.

This webinar series is created to explain in bite size pieces what you should know, how to read the ‘geek greek’ and  hold your SEO company accountable.


If you have asked yourself, “How do I learn SEO without spending any money?”

This is the SEO webinar series you have been looking for.

While self  proclaimed SEO experts might not be a fit for the lower courses of learning, the advanced SEO webinar courses often are a great refreshing learning program for many.  Many business owners are often suprised at how many SEOers attend these webinars taught by Josh Ramsey.

Why Are Most Of These Webinars Free?

“Sure I want to make money like any other company.  My focus of these webinars is to train business owners, allowing them to understand my transparency along with seeing how my team and I work.  Then for those that reach the point of large business growth and don’t have the time to do it anymore; you can choose to attend my LIVE training or hire my team.” – Joshua Ramsey