If Your Audience Needs To Grow Their Company, They Need To Hear These Topics!

Most people want to attend a conference like this. They agree with a title like this but are stuck thinking that every marketing guy is exactly the same.

As a Fractional CMO, I understand what ‘marketing guys’ are doing and why. I know how to see through the smoke and ensure they are really doing everything they can / should to increase your business.

During this time together we will walk through 1 main idea that will change how you FOREVER look at marketing guys!

  • Help consumers become educated on making the right choice when hiring a digital marketing company.
  • Identify specific, measurable goals that will lead to your success.
  • we do what we say we will do
  • make sure that the SEO service that you are going to trust with your own business has been successful and has proven that they can achieve results for you.
  • Your performance online is probably the single most important part of the future of your business marketing.
  • few business leaders have the knowledge or expertise to learn all about Search Engine Optimization, and since they don’t know much about it, they have difficulty being able to identify professionals they can truly trust with their business.
  • When it comes to rankings in search engine results, business leaders must determine which terms are most valuable for their business.
  • Getting high rankings not only allows you to get found by people looking to buy what you sell, but it allows you to displace your competitors and win over a greater percentage of your market share.
  • How to tell if you are actually improving your site optimization:
  • As you identify your goals, and then keep tracking where you rank now versus your goal, then you can clearly gauge whether or not you are improving.
  • In previous chapters we have addressed some fundamental SEO issues, but now we shift focus to what it takes to take that traffic that your website is attracting and turn those visitors into customers.
  • Every element of the website works together to win online traffic, and turn that traffic into loyal, lifetime customers.
  • To achieve the best results, you have to be aware of your flaws, your problems and imperfections. Fix what can be fixed and innovate to ensure that avoidable mistakes never happen again. Then explain the fixes you have made and why you made them. This will ensure your customers can buy from you with greater confidence. Create a winning message that’s focused on delivering exactly what your customers want.
  • The Two Marketing Types That You Must Understand To Create A Winning Campaign- Strategic marketing and tactical marketing
  • Strategic marketing: has to do with the words you choose to express your message to your target audience.
  • Tactical marketing: the delivery of the Strategic Marketing message. It has to do with where, when, and how often you share your strategic message.
  • Recognize that your Strategic Message can vary based on your target audience – meaning that your message can be different if you are publishing a website, or sending out mailers, or attending trade shows, creating brochures, implementing a follow-up system, or any other medium.
  • Both Strategic and Tactical marketing are important. Get one or both of them wrong, and you can waste a lot of money on marketing that doesn’t work.
  • Your Strategic Message clearly and simply states what you do, and why you are better or different than your competitors.
  • The key is to utilize the principles of marketing that have always worked and will continue to
  • work and use them within the existing marketing and advertising infrastructure to deliver your message to your decision-making audience.
  • The formula for effective, “human brain-based” marketing: Capture, Engage, Teach, Make an offer
  • The Buyer’s Journey is a tool to help you understand the broad categories of prospects
  • that exist… and make decisions about what messages should be used in your marketing.
  • If your business is not really well known in your city, yet you promote your business almost like you are McDonald’s or Apple, buying up billboard space to show people your name and logo, then that will not work.
  • Deliver The Right Message To People Based On Where They Are Along The Buyer’s Journey
  • Realize that usually half of the decisions are made before anyone ever talks to your company.
  • When the prospect reaches the point that they are engaged with you, it is important to shift to
  • your Marketing Strategy – and you can use it to continue educating and cultivating prospect’s interest in buying, and especially buying from you.
  • What’s a keyword? A keyword, at least as it relates to search engine optimization, is a specific word or combination of words that describes the contents of a web page. Appropriate keywords function as tools to allow search engines to deliver the best content to their users.
  • Keywords Are The Foundation Of Your SEO Campaign – Get Them Right, And You Can Succeed; Get Them Wrong And You’re In Trouble
  • Choosing the right keywords is often the difference between getting found in search and not
  • getting found.
  • A negative keyword allows you to “opt out” of searches that include a particular keyword or
  • phrase.
  • The higher the competition for a keyword, the more difficult it is to rank for. Generally speaking, terms with a higher difficulty score will require much more than just on-page optimization if you want to rank on the first page of search results.
4 Ways to Preemptively Crush Your Competition Through Unique Messaging & Dominate Your Market With OUTSTANDING Strategies

Finding the best way to generate leads and prove to consumers that you are the best choice has always been difficult, and with increased competition…it now seems impossible!

Typically, you have one shot to prove to consumers that you are the best in the industry. Then you need to convince them that they would be “An Outright Fool” to hire anyone but you!

Gimmicks don’t work! You have to learn how to communicate more effectively.

The 4 Mind Moving Strategies Taught:
  • Get Found – Hear about a Cutting Edge SEO program that will replace your Pay Per Click campaign AND increase your online lead flow.
  • Crystal Clear Communication – Cut through the cluttered marketplace and grab consumers attention the first time!
  • Catching The Consumer – Hear the most efficient way to catch consumers’ information, the minute they hit your website.
  • Fireproof Follow Up – Never lose a lead again! Never think about them, while they feel like they are the only one you think about.

Bottom Line: Joshua Ramsey will teach you strategies that he has implemented for hundreds of companies nationwide that has cut their marketing costs, while increasing lead

What does Google see when looking at your website? Wouldn’t you like to know?

SEO (How people find you on Google) SIMPLIFIED to a base understanding for the everyday business owner that is confused, frustrated and beyond ‘sick and tired’ of all the marketing guys garbage.

Find out how to hold your SEO person accountable. How to never fail again with marketing campaigns.

Work with Josh Ramsey, a Google Partner to set up free Google tools on your site by registering today. Then learn how to use them when you attend.

Attend if you want to: Rank on Google, Know You Are Spending Money Wisely, Want To Generate More Online Leads.

You Don’t Care How Many People Visit Your Website.

You Care How Many People CONTACT You.

In today’s world, it is not what you say or how you say it. It matters what your website visitor understands when visiting your website. You have 5 seconds to prove to them that you are worth them sticking around to learn more and contact you.

Learn to write content that will CRUSH your competition and drive in LEADS from your website. Walk away knowing exact improvements and ideas you should be implementing online.

Some of the teaching material will include Google’s current and upcoming changes, voice search, how to find what you rank for, online visibility and more!

In closing you can ask anything you have ever wondered about SEO to Josh Ramsey and get direct, honest, unfiltered feedback to your questions.

How to communicate what you do QUICKLY and Clearly.

Your prospect is not going to dive deep into your site – unless you persuade them.

Finding the best way to generate leads and prove to consumers that you are the best choice has always been difficult, and with increased competition…it now seems impossible!

The secret might seem simple, but millions of companies seem to miss it.

If you are like most companies you are doing some type of marketing. You pick the campaign, create the message and let’er rip!

The end result often time is that you deal with all the leads that will close and then sit around until you feel like running the campaign again. OR WORSE – you continue to run the same campaign, getting decent results but you never realize you could be closing a higher percentage.

I will teach a simple, yet effective strategy that will lower your total cost of acquisition for ANY MARKETING campaign you ever run. 100% Proven Results.

P.S. It is the simplest idea you have ever heard of.

Successful Consumer Show Strategies! Guaranteed to TRIPLE your leads…if implemented properly!

After teaching more than 200 businesses how to perform at a home show one thing remains the same. There is a right way to capture leads and a wrong way.

The biggest headache that most companies have with home shows is getting current staff to work the show, un-train them on what they know, and retrain them on how to treat a home show consumer!

Instead – what you find at most shows are workers sitting in booths bored out of their minds, playing with their cell phones, waiting for someone to stop and ask them a question. Or worse they open with the same line as all other booth workers, “How Are You Today?”

The cost of exhibiting in a show is not cheap. By the time you add up booth space, cost of materials, banners or backdrops, and then add the cost of your time, or sales peoples’ time you’ve spent between $2,500 to $5,000. Based on this, you have to generate a lot of sales to cover that cost!

Imagine If…

  • TRIPLE the leads at the same show you do every year
  • QUICKLY qualify every prospect that stopped to talk
  • Your post show sales were higher than ever before

…all within the same budget

Joshua Ramsey will teach strategies that if implemented properly – you will gather more leads in one show than you have in the past 2+ years combined!

  1. Building Your Brand On A Budget
  2. Guerilla Marketing Tactics
  3. Networking Effectively
  4. Positioning Yourself Before A Sale (In-Home And In-Store)
  5. How To Buy Media- Effectively
  6. Creating Powerful Telemarketing Scripting
  7. Weapons To Powerful Selling
  8. Detailed Direct Mail Strategies
  9. Slow Month Selling Strategies
  10. Paid Internet Marketing – Web Banner Ads and Pay Per Click Options
  11. Branding – What Is Outdated – And What Can Still Work?
  12. Converting Online Leads
  13. Social Media Branding Strategies
  14. Creating A Powerful (Marketing) Buzz Around Your Business Online
  15. The Most Effective Way To Video Blogging (V-Logs), What I Taught In A Podcast and Vcast company that caught fire!
  16. Budgeting – Getting Control And Understanding Your Numbers
  17. Tracking Acquisitions
  18. Proximity Marketing (Residential Customers)
  19. Strategies To Capturing More Business To Business Clients
  20. Innovating The Inner Workings Of Your Company – Outlasting Competitors
  21. Back To The Basics Of Marketing
  22. Motivating Your Sales Staff

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