Joshua Ramsey

Joshua B. Ramsey (born in Irving, Texas August 8, 1979) is an American author, entrepreneur, and Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Joshua Ramsey is known for his strategies that maximize and optimize businesses, no matter the industry. His first book was published in 2019.

Early Life

Joshua Ramsey is the first-born son of David Ramsey and Janie Ramsey and has a brother, Matt Ramsey. He has lived in the following places: Irving, TX; Nampa, ID; Bethany, OK; Denison, TX; and Dallas, TX. Joshua currently resides in McKinney, TX.

Marriage and Children

• Halcyon Ramsey, Wife – Married July 2009
• Hayvin Ramsey, Daughter – Born September 2012
• Jaxton Ramsey, Son – Born April 2014
• Havannah Ramsey, Daughter – Born September 2017


In 2004 Joshua worked for a high-powered ad agency in Dallas, TX. Within 9 months of starting his career with this agency, he became a Senior Project Manager. His duties included overseeing more than 50 clients and 4 Project Managers.
In 2009, after being laid off due to the economic recession that affected several industries, Joshua started his own ad agency. He commuted to any event where he could teach others about his marketing strategies, specifically, how to do it yourself, how to know who is taking advantage of you, and anything else he could think of to educate business owners. After driving to Chicago, IL from Dallas, TX to speak at an event in 2010, Joshua signed his first big account.
Josh is the founder and leading strategist for Strategic Point Marketing, a marketing agency that focuses on Search Engine Optimization.
Currently, Joshua works with B2B and B2C clients as an outsourced CMO and consultant. He lectures on marketing strategies nationwide.


Google Partner since 2014
Bing Certified since 2014
HubSpot Certified since 2015

Published Work

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