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If you are working with any type of advertising agency the biggest questions you should be asking are often the questions you don’t know to ask.

Josh will work with you to identify exactly what the agency is doing right for you and what you should be really asking them.  Then he will help you put together your budget and set proper KPI’s that that agency should be meeting.

If you are spending more than $4,000 a month on marketing and you made your way to this page, it is likely that you might not be tracking your lead flow as well as you would like.  Juggling the management of an agency along with the amount of marketing dollars you are spending can be overwhelming.  Josh has exact strategies that he can show you or do for you to uncover areas of your spending that will improve your lead flow without increasing your budget.  

Every business owner has been here!  Many never make it to a page like this where a true professional CMO will help you figure out and navigate the marketing world.

Let’s face it. You started your company to do what you are good at.  You reading this tells me you didn’t start your company because you are good at marketing.  This is your chance to have a CMO show you the exact ways to generate more leads and navigate the marketing hurdles you are facing to climb to the top faster!

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