Dear Joshua Ramsey,

Thank you for sharing all the pertinent details; it’s greatly appreciated.

While my schedule doesn’t permit a call this week, I’ve compiled some information to give you a head start in considering whether this partnership aligns with your goals.

Currently, I manage two websites:

1. ****: An older site crafted with HTML, PHP, and a dash of JavaScript.
2. ****: A newer site built on WordPress using the Oxygen builder. However, this project encountered a hiccup when the developer paused due to personal reasons. This site, while visually appealing, may not be as lightweight as I’d prefer. Google has even sent me a few warnings about its speed.

Firstly, do you have Google Analytics or Search Console set up on either site? If so, I’d appreciate access at .

At this stage, our focus is on execution rather than creativity, as we already possess a detailed design and layout. You can find the design here: [Figma Design]( I’ve also attached PDFs outlining our style and brand.

However, I must express my reservations about the current design. Based on my extensive experience with websites, I believe this design may not attract the higher-end jobs we desire. The examples I shared, like [Blue Ribbon Construction]( and [Distinctive Remodeling](, offer insights into the quality of design that performs well in our field.

Regarding WordPress, while it wasn’t my initial preference, I’ve come to accept it. It facilitates content posting by non-coders, a vital requirement as strict HTML isn’t compatible with modern web dynamics. We could also consider an extension from our code to a WP-connected site to achieve the same effect.

Avoiding platforms like WIX or Squarespace is essential, as they could harm our SEO efforts. I’ve been using InMotion Hosting’s Power plan for over a decade and have no intention of switching. Though I may not be well-versed in the code, my team of six developers can handle it.

Our immediate aim is to establish a robust website as a foundation for our marketing endeavors. We want to educate and pre-qualify our customers to improve lead quality. The Figma design distinguishes between Repair and Renovate sections, and we’re seeking ways to attract more renovation inquiries.

To achieve this, we can build funnels that educate potential customers, qualifying them before they reach us. I’ve outlined a few ideas, but we can discuss this further. Also, I’d recommend revisiting the UX design and integrating analytics and heatmaps to monitor user behavior.

Our top priorities are improving’s performance, setting clear KPIs, and publishing the two stories I’ve shared. Once these tasks are complete, I have a host of other ideas and inspirations we can explore.

As someone deeply engaged in the contractor industry, I’ve been following podcasts like Level 10 Contractor Daily and Contractor Growth Network for years. I even have a potential opportunity to appear on the former. Recently, I listened to Sherwin Williams’ Pro+ Training Series Episode #5, which resonated with our goals.

I look forward to your thoughts and insights as we navigate this journey together.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]