Maximize effectiveness


What is a ‘Leverage Point’ in marketing?

When you are running ads or any lead generation, there is a possibility to maximize your lead flow.
That can look several different ways.

Here is an example/case study:

Using the right message to match the campaign

leverage point:

A Drug Trial Science company was running ads on Google AdWords.

The campaign was set up as BROAD MATCH with keywords related to MIGRAiNES.

Terms that the client was appearing for were “organic Migraine remedies” or “natural ways to avoid migraines”

The BOUNCE RATE was 97% (terrible)

The reason for the bounce rate was that the user was looking for ORGANIC or NATURAL ways and the landing page was talking about using medicine with doctors in a study.

OBVIOUS NOW…. That the search and the landing page were not matching.

We changed the keyword search terms along with creating a new landing page for the website that spoke to “Alternatives to heavy medications or expensive doctor visits”


Our bounce rate went down 30%
and lead flow went from 0 to 10 per week.

Our spend also reduced by 10%, getting better results!