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Avoid & Eliminate Marketing Problems.

Joshua Ramsey is the Most Experienced & Trusted Fractional CMO Across The USA!
  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • More Than $5million In Media Spends and Buys
  • Interviewed, Hired, Managed & Directed 25+ Ad Agencies

A Fractional CMO, also referred to as an Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer, is a marketing leader with vast experience with how to build campaigns and tactically implement them. This type of executive works as a part-time executive for a company. Taking on all marketing responsibilities to decrease marketing expenditure and supporting the company’s sales force to achieve their growth and profitability.

The End Result Is To Create More Sales, More Profits, More Repeat Business – Building A Marketing & Management System That You Barely Have To Touch.
Results You Want
Messaging you need

Strategic messaging based on principles that deliver results – no matter your industry. Josh has created strategies based on human buying behavior that will provide results every time!

  • Advantages Of Owning What You Sell
  • Overcoming Objections – Before Consumers Can Walk Away
  • Never Worry About Losing To Your Competition
  • Attention Grabbing Designs and Messaging – For All Platforms!
  • Engaging Content Consumers Will Connect With Everytime
  • USP (Unique Selling Position) That Will Indefinitely Obtain Secure More Leads

The Best ROI
At the lowest spend

By now, you know an agency won’t deliver the results you need. They are in the business to sell you what they sell, which is often not what is best for your company.

Three Steps That Will Generate Results

  • Define Your Company Goals
  • Identify The Best Ad Placements
  • You Will See Results From Every Penny You Spend On Ads
Don’t take Josh’s word for it hear from active clients

Important Details To Know Before Hiring Any Fractional CMO

  • The average Fractional CMO client stays more than 12 months on the program.
  • 90% of clients return for ongoing coaching (after executing the first outlined plan). Clients keep working with Josh for more than 4 years (Josh started in the agency world back in 2004) and many are still friends.
  • Clients stick with Josh overall for more than 4 years (Josh started in the agency world back in 2004) and many are still friends

Blue Ribbon Roofing
JRCMO Testimonial

Case Study by Mark Mettille
from M2 PEO Strategic
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A-Lert Building Systems
JRCMO Testimonial

Great spokesman and given great tips for implement growth in strategy in SEOs and more. Thanks! 😊

Monica B

We really appreciate you speaking with our staff. Can’t thank you enough for the fresh innovative marketing concepts.

Frank Hernandez

Josh did an excellent job of laying out in a short hour hour all the advantages of using his expertise to expand our business!

Bob Harvey

Impressive professional. Fractional CMO is a new term for my business.I highly recommend for anyone trying to take their business to the next level in SEO

Anthony Rivera

Josh and his team are very professional! His seminars are very educational. A very engaging speaker who taught me how to grow my business.

Colby Collatt


The ONLY Fractional CMO that produces the most comprehensive marketing plan for your company. This is a 2-month program that covers the 7 most important parts of your business and provides details that will take your company to the next level.

  • Strategic Message (It’s not what you say, it is what’s perceived by your prospects)
  • Keywords tiered by the importance of rankings and optimal growth chances
  • Budgeting for your entire company for the next 12 months, tied to ROI tracking
  • Brand Style Guide – button up your brand so no one ever changes your colors or styles
  • Design – Based on ad placement, style, and messaging. Pulling all elements together
  • Tactical Placement – putting your ads where they will produce the best results
  • Tracking ROI – the results that matter at the cost that you have targeted


Enhance your marketing structure and lead generation strategies with Fractional CMO, Joshua Ramsey.

2 hours of

Fractional CMOs truly can’t learn much about your path in 20 minutes. Joshua Ramsey spends 2 hours learning about your path to now and vision ahead.

The Starter

30 days of strategic planning with a well-defined overview of immediate steps you should take to enhance your current marketing.

Review The Agile

Get the most comprehensive marketing plan that you can take direct to any ad agency and achieve immediate results!

why Joshua Ramsey Fractional CMO?




4.5 yr



Feel the difference of working with a fractional CMO or an average ad agency.

The first 2 hours of working with Josh your jaw will be on the ground and leave you wondering why you didn’t find this fractional CMO before now!


Most growing companies can’t afford to bring in a full-time Chief Marketing Officer. The truth is that most companies don’t need to have a CMO on staff full-time.

The biggest consideration that business owners don’t account for is that the average ad agency can sweep things under the rug and make it seem like they are doing a good job, only for the business owner to find out many months later that they were taken for a ride. Having a marketing consultant / CMO can pay off in a number of ways. The CMO you hire should be invested in keeping their job with you, not just having another account (like most ad agencies view clients, unfortunately).


Most business owners fall into one of two categories. Either they do the marketing themselves and aren’t really qualified to do so, or they have a “Marketing Person” in the decision-making position. A fractional CMO brings a fresh pair of eyes and an experienced perspective. They will assist your current marketing staff, offering new and unique strategies, while showing them how to improve.