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Leadership / Experience:

1998 – 2003

Multiple companies selling media transit advertising, radio sales, print, TV placement, billboards and more

2003 – 2009

Starting as a Junior PM working for a top 100 ad agency; within 6 months I became a Senior PM.

  • Promoted to Senior PM in 6 months
    • Managing and training 15 team members
    • Overseeing 100+ client accounts
    • Assisting and directing more than 1,000 campaigns at any given time
  • 1.5 yrs after being a Senior PM, I was promoted to VP of Marketing & Sales
    • Overseeing the entire process of sales, onboarding and all campaigns for clients
    • Ensuring client satisfaction and maximizing results

2009 – Current

Founder / CEO of Strategic Point Marketing

  • Grown to $400k focusing on small local businesses in the first 4 years with $0 Debt
  • Keynote speaking around the country and chambers of commerce

  • Hired, trained and managed a staff of 20+

  • Created, built and executed on average 300 websites and numerous marketing lead generation campaigns per year

2018 – Current

Started JRcmo (Fractional CMO)


  • Work with companies to reduce marketing spending on frivolous lead generation
  • Finding the best for the company, rather than selling


  • Sentricon (in conjunction with Bader Rutter): 3 yrs
    Working with pest control businesses to create collateral and generate leads in their markets

  • PanoramAH! North America: 4 yrs
    Introduction to the North American market with collateral, website branding, sales assistance

  • SRSI – Warehouse automation: 1yr
    Head of Marketing, focused on the organization of leads, tradeshow branding, online branding / SEO, communications, and hiring / training / assisting marketing associates

  • A-Lert Roofing and Metal Buildings: 2 yrs
    Fractional CMO. Assisting the head of marketing internal. More clear vision of lead generation, managing ad agency to maximize the efforts, new campaigns created to assist sales efforts

What You Should Start To Expect When Working With Joshua Ramsey, Fractional CMO

Full access to a:

  • High-level marketing and sales strategy leader

  • Key leader on your team creating KPI’s implementing results…


Your Cost to Hire & Train
Your Time Training
Overall Marketing Experience
  • Creator of 12,000+ Sales and Marketing Campaigns Since 2000

  • Owner & Founder of a Full Stack Advertising Agency Since 2009

  • Hired, Managed and Trained 3 Companies’ Entire Marketing Teams


  • Google AdWords Partner Certified (All)

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Sales Strategy Development

  • Supporting Marketing Collateral

  • Wordpress Coder
    (team support in more than 5 other codes)
  • Expert Level SEO Strategy and Implementation

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Joshua Ramsey

take the time to learn a little more about his story.

There was a report published in 2018 which said the typical advertising agency keeps a client for an average of 18 months. I was blown away. I looked at my entire book of clients and realized at that moment that I was on the right track.

I started this company to give business owners an option to work without a long-term contract. I started doing engagement letters that only ask for a 45-day exit. I taught my team that we will ALWAYS do what we say we will do. I have refunded THOUSANDS of dollars to clients when my staff has not done what was promised. Then I saw the biggest shock that made me swell with pride in a sense of knowing all my hard work was paying off.

Businesses that engage Strategic Point Marketing stay with us for an average of 5 years or more!

The logic is simple. I believe that if we tell people what they need to do to be successful and they trust us with their marketing

we will complete that action and the clients’ business will reap the rewards.

The hardest thing to do as a business owner in your position is to trust ‘another marketing company.’ I get it. My hope is that through this website you will gain some knowledge as to what to look for when hiring a marketing company. Know what you should expect and then demand those expectations be met.

If you choose to engage ANY company that I own and you don’t feel like you are getting the service that you expect, you can call me, and I will do everything I can to ensure that you are taken care of!

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer…

Gives business owners unique executive experience, along with a fresh perspective, without having to pay the high salary of a full-time employee.

A great Fractional CMO develops new strategies for growing your brand, increasing customer acquisition, and generating new sales.

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