Josh’s Vision Is About Seeking First To Understand Where You Have Been, Before Providing Solutions

Most companies offer a simple ’20 minute consultation’ to get to know you.  There is no way that someone can know how to best understand you in 20 minutes.  It took decades for most business owners to reach their current success and Josh wants to know all those reasons you made it this far, before suggesting how to get you even further down the road.

2 Hours Consulting
Complementary, With A
Fractional CMO

1 Hour of Research, Followed by 1 Hour of Consulting

Ready to Move Past The 2 Free Hours?  Try Our Fractional CMO Premium Starter Package

Work with Joshua Ramsey, Fractional CMO to gain a clear vision for the future.

  • Identify areas of your marketing that are deficient then create solutions.
  • Together we will identify a process and start tracking every penny of your marketing dollars and then identify your cost per lead and acquisition.
  • Then Josh will create a logical step-by-step marketing plan that your team can implement or hire Josh to implement for you.

Our main objective is to identify the best KPI’s (key point indicators) that will lead to the expected ROI (return on investment).

You must have clear goals and proper expectations of what your marketing and sales team should be doing for your company. This program set’s these benchmarks.

  • Full digital report of your website (more than 50 key indicators)
  • Review and identify key leverage points to improve your website and online brand
  • Attribution source tracking strategies
  • Marketing Foundational List

    • Content writing template
    • 40+ must-do marketing directives
    • Marketing budget spreadsheets
  • Overall Marketing

    • CTAs
    • Analytics
    • Webmaster
  • Company Goals

    • What is your main goal(s)?
    • How do you plan on hitting them?
  • Lead tracking strategies (how to use tools and more to improve your marketing performance)

Joshua Ramsey (Fractional CMO)

and his team will deliver a

Plain English

Marketing Plan

covering all these principles and more in under 30 days!

Our end goal is to understand these areas of your company that can be maximized and
optimized in order to radically change the landscape of your business.

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While anyone can fit into the programs above, it is best for companies that are looking to hit maximum growth potential and beyond. This includes business owners who realize that marketing is out of their wheelhouse, are ready to put their EGO aside, and turn it over to an expert who is in the trenches with you! Joshua Ramsey treats your budget like his – Don’t Spend It Unless You Have To!

I Will Exponentially
Increase Your Business