Start With One Of These Plans Before We Move Into A Full Agreement.

Before we start any marketing program together, this is the first step. Our methodology is to understand your business and set proper goals and KPI’s that ensure that we will succeed together! Choose one of the below programs that work best for you.

Experience Working With A Fractional CMO


1 Hour of Research Followed by 1 Hour of Consulting

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Premium Starter Package

Work with a CMO for 30 days! Get a clear vision for the future.

  1. Identify areas of your marketing that are deficient then create solutions.
  2. Together we will track every penny of your marketing dollars then identify your cost per lead and acquisition.
  3. Then Josh will create a logical step-by-step marketing plan that your team can implement or hire Josh to implement for you.

Our main objective is to identify the best KPI’s (key point indicators) that will lead to the expected ROI (return on investment).

You must have clear goals and proper expectations of what your marketing and sales team should be doing for your company. This program set’s these benchmarks.

  • 9 60 Point Brand Overview
  • 9 Review and Identification of Website and Marketing
  • 9 Acquisition Identification
  • 9 Marketing Foundational List
    • EContent Writing Template
    • ELead Tracking Spreadsheets
    • EMarketing Budget Spreadsheet Ideas
  • 9 Overall Marketing…
    • ECTAs
    • EAnalytics
    • EWebmaster
  • 9 Company Goals
    • EWhat is your main goal(s)?
    • EHow do you plan on hitting them?
  • 9 Plain English Marketing Plan Created
    • EThis would outline all the details discussed
Our end goal is to understand these areas of your company that can be maximized and
optimized in order to radically change the landscape of your business.
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Core Starter Package

Work with Josh Ramsey for approximately 3 hours over 2 phone calls. He will:

  • 9 Dissect your current website and overall marketing strategy
  • 9 Assess your best plan moving forward
  • 9 Write a baseline plan for the next steps to achieve your marketing goals for
    the next 3-6 months (or longer)

Items Josh will discuss:

  • 9 Company Goals
  • 9Brand Overview
  • 9 SEO Review
  • 9Enhancement Ideas
  • 9Acquisition Identification or
    Process Options Set
  • 9 CTAs
  • 9Review of:
    • E Analytics
      (setup and fixes if needed)
    • EWebmaster
      (setup and fixes if needed)