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Fractional Chief Marketing Offer
Helping Your Company Visualize & Execute
Better Marketing Strategies

Available Programs

Pick Your Level

3 Levels To GET A GRIP On Your Marketing

Let’s Get Rolling

These Marketing Strategies Coaching cover Marketing basics – What to look for, understanding what you see, and creating an Marketing Strategies.

Dive In Deeper

This level is for anyone who understands the core Marketing elements and is now ready to apply the strategies on their own website. This series of Marketing Strategies Coaching will take you just below the surface and teach you how to make changes to your website.

Master Class

Get access to a professional Marketing expert – share your screen, ask questions, and make real-time updates to your website. An unbeatable deal!

Group Coaching $125 / HR – 2 HR Minimum

These are group classes. 5 business owners per class. 1 meeting per month. With emailed questions
before each class meeting. Ask for more details.

Private Coaching Programs

Any Of These Programs Are Great If You Have Ever Wondered Or Dealt With…

  • Marketing vendors promise…. But don’t seem to deliver
  • You are expecting better results from marketing campaigns
  • You are trying to figure out the best strategies for maximum growth

Get feedback from a Fractional CMO – a seasoned veteran in the marketing world – who will give you the facts and has nothing to gain by misleading you.

Let’s Get Rolling:
$350 / Month
BKBG Price = $200 / Month
Dive In Deeper:
$1200 / Month
BKBG Price = $850 / Month
Master Class:
$1800 / Month
BKBG Price = $1,350 / Month
2 hours per month 4 hours per month coaching, 4 hours
reviewing / creating material
6 hours per month coaching, 8 hours
reviewing / creating material
I Want To Know More I Want To Know More I Want To Know More

Company Evaluation Programs

Put Together A Better Plan
For Your Company.

Choose One Of These Starter Plans.
They are a one-time cost and fully refunded if you are not completely happy.


Work with Josh Ramsey for approximately 3 hours over 2 phone calls. He will:

  • 9 Dissect your current website and overall marketing strategy
  • 9 Assess your best plan moving forward
  • 9 Write a baseline plan for the next steps to achieve your marketing goals for
    the next 3-6 months (or longer)

Items Josh will discuss:

  • 9 Company Goals
  • 9Brand Overview
  • 9 SEO Review
  • 9Enhancement Ideas
  • 9Acquisition Identification or
    Process Options Set
  • 9 CTAs
  • 9Review of:
    • E Analytics
      (setup and fixes if needed)
    • EWebmaster
      (setup and fixes if needed)


Want to dip your toe in the water? We suggest that you use
the Premium Starter Package.


  1. Identify areas of your marketing that are deficient and solutions to fix those areas.
  2. Understand your numbers.
    1. Cost per acquisition
    2. What advertising methods are in your budget and what projected return you can receive
    3. How to project acquisition numbers from any marketing
  3. Identify if there is potential for your company and Josh Ramsey to have a mutual, long-term, working relationship


What We Will Work on Together Through the Premium SEO Starter Package:

  • 9 Brand Overview
    • E60-Point SEO
  • 9 Review and Identification of Needs
    • EWebsite
  • 9 Enhancement Ideas
    • ECost Per
  • 9 Acquisition Identification or Process Options Set
    • EAccess to Partial Marketing
  • 9 Library
    • EMarketing Foundational List
    • EContent Writing Template
      • EHeadline Starters / Ideas
    • ELead Tracking Spreadsheets
    • EMarketing Budget Spreadsheet Ideas
    • EProspect Qualification Key
  • 9 Staff management
    • ECTAs
    • ECompany Goals
    • EAnalytics (setup and fixes if needed)
    • EWebmaster (setup and fixes if needed)
  • 9 Goals
    • EWhat is your main goal(s)?
    • EHow do you plan on hitting them?
    • EAre you hitting them currently?
    • EDiscuss the best ways to reach them.
  • 9 Plain English Marketing Plan Created
    • EThis would outline all the details discussed
Our end goal is to understand those areas of your company that can be maximized and
optimized in order to radically change the landscape of your business.

Fractional CMO Programs


What does a Fractional CMO do?

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer provides marketing leadership for any company not yet
ready to hire full-time for this position.This means you get experienced and focused marketing direction without the
associated costs of bringing on a new, senior-level employee.

Fractional CMO’s can be brought in as consultants on an interim or part-time basis and
offer a low-risk option for executive-level experience. A new perspective can be just what your current marketing
department needs to give it a boost.

Or if you hire Joshua Ramsey…a ROCKET boost!



(Each program is a minimum of 3 months – cancel any time after the 3rd month)



  • E $5,000 month
  • E 24 hrs. a month (24 hours of phone or screen share)
    • E 4 hours a month in office / person option – Dallas, TX area only
  • E Key upgrades of the Program Overview
    • E Content Development (2 pages a month)
  • E Unlimited Email conversations
  • E Budget Direction and review
  • E Media Buy Negotiation
  • E Full access to Josh’s Assistant(s)
  • E Design Outlines


Full-Tilt CMO

  • E $11,000 month
    • E 50 hrs. a month
  • E In person
    • E 8 hours month (1 full day) – 250-mile radius of Dallas, TX
    • E 8 hours quarter (1 full day) – Outside 250-mile radius of Dallas, TX
  • E Full marketing plan creation (3 months to complete)
  • E SEO strategies implemented by JR and his team
  • E Full reporting
  • E Full access to all developed coded programs created by JR – OneTouch
  • E Unlimited Email conversations
  • E Budget management and direction
  • E Media Buy Negotiation
  • E Lead Tracking program
  • E Fluid budget sheets
  • E Full Access to Josh Assistant(s)
  • E Design outlines


Kickoff Call

  • E 2 hours (every program has this minimum)
  • E Foundational Marketing List Review

Outline Your Full Marketing Plan Through Proprietary Process

  • E Goals
    • E What are your main goal(s)?
    • E How do you plan on hitting them?
    • E Are you hitting them currently?
    • E Discuss the best ways to reach them
  • E Full Brand Review
    • E Website
    • E Brand Guide (if none – we will discuss how to create one and importance)

Access to the Marketing and Branding Toolkit

  • E SEO Checklist
    • E 60+ Point List
  • E Content Writing Template
    • E Headline Starters / Ideas
  • E Lead Tracking Spreadsheets
  • E Marketing Foundational List
  • E Marketing Budget Spreadsheet Ideas
  • E Brand / Website Design Idea
  • E Advertising Budget Projection Calculator
  • E Prospect Qualification Key
  • E Heatmap Program


  • EAccess to Developed Programs (created by one of Joshua Ramsey’s companies)
  • EAd Agency Josh Started in 2009. Competitive Pricing (will beat any ad agency price that has 5 or more employees)
    • EDesigns (website, postcards, billboards – anything)
    • EVideo B-roll and YouTube / TV Production
    • ESEO for Your Company

Setting KPIs

  • ETracking
  • EActual Cost per Lead and Sale
  • EFactual numbers on what you are spending and what lead sources are most optimal to give you more sales
  • EProjecting new avenues for leads
  • EAdvice on any media buys, marketing questions, direction, options, strategies and more