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What a good CMO should be doing:

  • Studies and thinks of every SEO strategy
  • What companies are doing surrounding their general marketing (setting KPIs)
  • Search engine algorithm updates
  • The recent shift from answers to journeys
  • Newest strategies of marketing (i.e., micro marketing moments)
  • Unique ways to rank better on search engines

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I started in the late 90s selling media and advertising. It was something that I thought I could do to make money.

Quickly I realized that I wanted to be on the other side of the table. I didn’t want to sell, I wanted to be the buyer and HELP COMPANIES rather than just ‘making money’. I wanted to focus on success and then expected that with that success I would make the money I wanted to make. Sure enough with that change of mindset… I am doing what I love and making more money than I ever did selling media.

But those years of selling media made me better at what I do now for companies. I learned all the tricks of the trade so I can now use it to my clients’ advantage! Here is some of what I have done in my career. I have been involved with the following since the years listed below:

  • Buying and selling printing since 1991 (my dad owned a printing business where I worked)
  • Billboards and transit since 2000
  • Print publications since 1999
  • Building and optimizing (SEO) websites since 2004
  • Radio buys since 2005
  • TV buys since 2005
  • 5 years of selling knife sets (in high school and after)
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I bring in experts when I might be limited. I don’t carry an ego that blocks me from knowing when someone else might be stronger. That is one more strength I bring. I find it can give my clients and me an extra pair of eyes to see things more clearly. I realize that everyone has a strength. If I feel like I have a counterpart that can give another view, I am always open to that.


We will lay out exactly what needs to be achieved through our Starter Program

  • Learning about your industry, keywords gathering, and history of growth will happen during this process.


Once we start the engagement, together we will lay out what is important to you (the CEO) and create a Gantt chart for success.

  • I want everyone involved to be on the same page – to know what is expected of each person and when.
  • We will set up a sharing location for all documents.

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