Joshua Ramsey, Factional CMO

Code Of Ethics

JRCMO is focused on keeping up and advancing businesses profitability, while acting as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). In this manner, JRCMO expects all parties involved to stick to the components and standards of ethical and moral conduct: to be equipped and incorporate JRCMO Core Competencies viably throughout the service.

In accordance with the JRCMO basic beliefs and JRCMO meaning of Fractional CMO, the Code of Ethics is intended to give suitable rules and responsibility of direction for all JRCMO clients:

Section One: Definitions

  • Coaching: Coaching is connecting with clients in an intriguing and innovative manner that rouses them to increase their own potential and master it. Including to gain a more clear vision on their company growth.
  • JRCMO Coaching: This is a coaching program only. This means that your JRcmo coach will not write content or code any part of your website. They will not place marketing or negotiate marketing on your behalf. This is a COACHING program only, not an application or additional work outside of speaking with the client.
  • JRCMO Coaching Relationship: An Expert coaching relationship exists when training incorporates an understanding that characterizes the duties of each party, this includes contractual agreements.
  • Roles in the Coaching Relationship: To clearly explain the roles in the coaching relationship, it is important to define the difference between the client and the coach. In many cases, the client and coach are one in the same, but for proper identifying purposes, here is what JRCMO characterizes them as:
    • Client: The “Customer/Coachee” is the person(s) being trained.
    • Coach: The support/entity, and or, its delegates paying for and arranging the services to be provided by JRCMO. In all contractual circumstances, clear responsibilities, privileges, and obligations for both the sponsor and client are to be established if they are different people.
    • Student: The “student” is somebody who has registered for the JRCMO program. The student will be educated on JRCMO marketing practices and trained by the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer to improve and grow their business.
    • Conflict of Interest: A situation wherein a Fractional CMO has a personal or inadequate influence over and hinders the agreed upon objective of his role as an expert.

Section Two: The JRCMO Standards of Ethical Conduct

1: Professional Conduct
In General

  1. Conduct myself as per the JRCMO Code of Ethics in all scopes of the Fractional CMO capabilities. Including and no limited to, Fractional CMO preparing, Fractional CMO tutoring and Fractional CMO supervisory exercises.
  2. Commit to take the proper action and address any break of violations as soon as I am aware of them, regardless of whether it includes me or others.
  3. Communicate and consider others who need to be informed of obligations established by this code.
  4. Desist from unlawful unfairness in work/employment related actions, including age, race, sex direction, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or disability.
  5. Make verbal and written articulations that are valid and exact about what I offer as a Fractional CMO.
  6. Accurately recognize my instructing capabilities, aptitude, e