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Fix NAP inaccuracies in existing citations so there’s no misinformation to confuse search engines or customers.

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Remove harmful duplicate listings that could be holding back SEO performance.

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Why choose JRcmo Citation Builder?

There are many solutions out there to help build citations. See what sets us apart.

Short of spending countless hours building citations yourself, JRcmo’s Citation Builder is the most affordable way to grow your online presence, costing as little as $8 per site.

See for yourself in the full competitor price comparison table below.

Not only will you enjoy savings from the outset, but many agencies and businesses end up saving $1,000s every year, just like these customers.

Every business is different, yet most of our competitors offer a one-size-fits-all solution with no consideration for your industry or vertical.

We not only give you coverage on top citations sites, but we also allow you to build listings on 100s of niche sites in over 40 industries.

This gives you complete freedom to get listed on the sites that matter the most to you, as well as those sites that give the biggest SEO impact.

For further information on which sites we submit to, and how we do this, see the FAQs section below.

There are many companies that effectively charge to rent your business listings. You don’t own the listing and you’ll be stuck in the renting cycle. And if you leave, your listings could revert back or disappear completely. Who wants that?!

With JRcmo’s Citation Builder you retain full ownership of every listing we build, with all login details passed to you.

Our trusted and reliable service completely removes the time and expense of building citations in-house.

And the best bit, the service can be completely white-labeled so your agency gets to take all the credit!

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Every month 1,500+ businesses save time, money, and boost their local search footprint with Citation Builder.

“JRcmo has allowed us to scale our agency without hiring the amount of people it would take to do citations for every client.”

Chris Gregory

Partner, Dagmar Marketing

“Citation Builder saves our agency hours every month at a low cost.”

Austin Lund

Local SEO Specialist, Big Leap

“I have used several different citation tools but JRcmo is still at the top of my list, the citation building and tracking resources are perfection!”

William Chan

SEO Specialist, Inbound Law Marketing

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