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3 Factors That Influence Purchasing Decisions

How to avoid the “Platitude Trap” – It is actually pretty easy.

  • Advantages To Ownership
  • Overcoming Objections Of Buyers
  • Choosing The Right Vendor
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Why should someone buy your product or service?
Are there other options that might be better?
Is there something else I might want more than what you have?

Advantages To Ownership

We have all lived with decisions on where we must decide if we really want something. Do you really need or want that Coke, or should you drink water? Should you get a candy bar or a protein bar?

At the surface, understanding products and services are easy to comprehend the advantages of having water and a protein bar over candy and coke.  But we often make choices to go with sugar that tastes better than the healthier options.

Have You Already Identified The Advantages Of Owning What You Sell?


Great! But be sure. Let’s say you sell roofs.
Are there different types of materials?
What about asphalt versus metal?
You should really do a deep dive
to ensure that all your bases are covered.


You are NOT alone. 77% of business owners really don’t understand on the deepest of levels that the advantages of owning what you sell makes it better. If you sell Coke and the other guys sell Pepsi it is pretty simple. I am guessing you don’t sell something that simple.

Candy Bars and Cokes Taste Better Than Water.
Wait! You Want HOW MUCH For That Candy Bar and Coke?

overcoming objections

I bet you can guess what the number one objection is! PRICE. You got it. The age-old question – Can “I” afford what you sell?

We would all love to own a boat, fancy car, and a big house! These are WANTS, not needs. We don’t have to have a car but it sure is nice when we have one. We don’t have to have air conditioning in the car, but it is sure nice! Sure, this is similar to the advantages of ownership. However, we are now identifying the objections you have.

Have you thought about your objections to the candy bar and coke versus the water and protein bar?

Your goal in this section should be how to overcome consumers’ objections through clear, convincing education. You must explain what you sell clearer and faster than anyone else. Most companies are not good at this, but I am willing to bet you have not even thought through this process.

When you properly overcome the objections of a potential buyer, you create a new paradigm for that buyer that shows you as the solution holder. They stop seeing all the obstacles and roadblocks. Now they only see opportunity.

This is a reason to consider hiring a fractional CMO.

How to get better when it comes to helping consumers
understand why to buy from YOU!

vendor selection

Take a quick test.  Print out your website on a page along with 2 of your closest competitors.  Use a large black marker and cross out everything that says or looks the same.  If your page is covered in black ink, you have failed the vendor selection test. You are saying the same thing that every other company is saying! This makes it hard for consumers to make a choice and decision on who is REALLY a better company to hire from!

“Platitude Trap”
Most companies fall into this category

This happens when business owners (or key employees) write the company marketing message, thinking what they are saying is better than anyone else!

How to Avoid the “Platitude Trap” is Actually Pretty Easy
In life we all make decisions based on three elements. From choosing to buy a stick of gum all the way to making the biggest purchase of your life: a car, boat, house or vacation.

3 Steps to Making Any Purchase

Three Core Elements That Strategic Point Marketing Uses When It Comes To How I Set You Up For More Success:

1 – Advantages to Owning YOUR Product or Service
2 – What Objections Do People Have When Buying Your Product or Service?
3 – How Does Someone figure out the difference between you and every one of your competitors?


(Don’t tell me that you are better, been in business longer! That’s what everyone says.)

It is not what you say or how you say it on your website. It is what people perceive!
We are rooted in the same human buying behavior with every choice we make. You and I both know the reason running/walking and eating the right food makes us healthier.

What is a CMO

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