What Is A Fractional CMO ?

How Joshua Ramsey Will Help Your Business Grow

What Are Your Goals? Do You Have A Clear Way To Achieve Them?

I will create a plan that will get you there as quick as possible, but with the results you want!

Why Hire A Marketing Consultant Or Fractional CMO ?

Are You Tired Of Making Marketing Decisions
And You Have No Idea If They Will Work?

There is actual science and a ‘crystal ball’ to marketing.

It is called Logic and Experience.

Business owners understand much more than their employees because they started the company or have many more years of experience in their craft.
The concern that business owners face is not just the time that they have to invest into dealing with the marketing but the actual experience and wondering if what they are about to do to will work or not.

What If There Was A Crystal Ball Of Logic That Could Tell You The Results Of A Campaign Before You Spent A Dime?

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That is why you should hire a fractional CMO

While I can’t speak for every other fractional CMO out there, I can tell you that I have a ‘crystal ball’ that allows me to give business owners a strong idea of what the results would be from any marketing campaign, BEFORE they start it.

It is my job to work hard in the background to make sure your products, ideas, and services are at the top of consumer’s search queries because they know what consumers are looking for. The placement of these ads are important but what most executives don’t think about is Strategic Messaging!

First, understand Strategic Marketing
When we talk about Strategic Marketing we want to look at what your business is saying, and how your business is saying it – and who you’re talking to. In  modern-day marketing, this is sometimes called you “messaging.” It has to do with the words you choose to express your message to your target audience.

Now think through Tactical Marketing
Tactical Marketing is all about the delivery of the Strategic Marketing message. It has to do with where, when, and how often you share your strategic message. Examples of tactical marketing options include placing ads, creating a website, and implementing a follow-up system. It can be AdWords (PPC), social media, radio, tv, landing pages, email, live events, and more.

Companies need content, direction, multiple marketing avenues, blend, and coordinate marketing and sales strategy. Enhance your brand. Find ways to reduce spending and increase sales and leads. Manage the process of lead generation through the final sale and retention. Then identify the best lead generation ideas, cost per lead and cost per sale.  All circling back to the start again, also giving you a clearer vision to your crystal ball.

Starting Points:

  • Brand identity
  • Know if you are getting ripped off by marketing companies
  • Navigating through the expensive world of marketing
  • Learn what marketing companies don’t want you to know
  • Advice on any media buys, marketing questions, direction, options, strategies and more.
  • Reputation management
  • Core competency
  • Staff management
  • Building a process around the structure of what to do – in what order
  • Gantt charts
  • Budget management
  • Projections of sales
  • Reporting acquisition costs
  • Lead management / tracking
  • Setting CTA
  • Setting KPIs
What You Will Walk Away With
  • An understanding that the way that you run your business will have a direct impact on the success of your business.
  • Learning how to identify the most important things for you to gauge success, and then start tracking it.
  • Where to find clients on the pathway to becoming your next loyal customer.
  • A winning strategic and tactical marketing strategy to execute your plan.

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