Brain-Based Marketing: How To Market So That You Get Noticed While Your Competitors Get Ignored

  • The Two Marketing Types That You Must Understand To Create A Winning Campaign- Strategic marketing and tactical marketing
  • Strategic marketing: has to do with the words you choose to express your message to your target audience.
  • Tactical marketing: the delivery of the Strategic Marketing message. It has to do with where, when, and how often you share your strategic message.
  • Recognize that your Strategic Message can vary based on your target audience – meaning that your message can be different if you are publishing a website, or sending out mailers, or attending trade shows, creating brochures, implementing a follow-up system, or any other medium.
  • Both Strategic and Tactical marketing are important. Get one or both of them wrong, and you can waste a lot of money on marketing that doesn’t work.
  • Your Strategic Message clearly and simply states what you do, and why you are better or different than your competitors.
  • The key is to utilize the principles of marketing that have always worked and will continue to work and use them within the existing marketing and advertising infrastructure to deliver your message to your decision-making audience.
  • The formula for effective, “human brain-based” marketing: Capture, Engage, Teach, Make an offer

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