The Sales Spectrum: Why 79% Of Marketing Is A Waste Of Money And The Critical Strategy For Getting Profitable Results

  • The Buyer’s Journey is a tool to help you understand the broad categories of prospects that exist… and make decisions about what messages should be used in your marketing.
  • If your business is not really well known in your city, yet you promote your business almost like you are McDonald’s or Apple, buying up billboard space to show people your name and logo, then that will not work.
  • Deliver The Right Message To People Based On Where They Are Along The Buyer’s Journey
  • Realize that usually half of the decisions are made before anyone ever talks to your company.
  • When the prospect reaches the point that they are engaged with you, it is important to shift to
  • Your Marketing Strategy – and you can use it to continue educating and cultivating prospect’s interest in buying, and especially buying from you.

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