Fractional CMO
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Laying The Ground Work
Week 1
We need to set a firm foundation for understanding your vision of growth for the company. In addition, we would like to hear about what path you’re on right now and does this line up with where you want to go! Here is how we do that:
  • Who is your ideal client (specifically in geography and demographic)

  • Allowing us access and information to your current marketing outlets (or potentially where we can place them)

  • Your CMO will create a budget for spending – based on both projected ROI and company revenue goals

  • If you have an ad agency already, this is the time to introduce your ‘new trial employee in charge of marketing’

Week 2

By week 2 we will be starting to roll out new strategies or implementing tactical changes. We will be watching the core KPIs to see what impact each change has.  There may be some additional modifications made as we move through this process.

We will then look at how to improve user experience based on the traffic that comes to your website.

Next Level Updates
Week 3

During week 3 there will be more information to process based on the updates in the previous weeks.  We will look to unlock the key data points and information that we’ve never realized before.  With that information, we will continue to make little modifications and updates to find further improvement.

Toward the end of week 3, you will receive a baseline marketing Velocity plan that will outline the next 60-90 days for your best plan of action.

Velocity Plan
Week 4

30 days of knowledge will allow JRCMO, your fractional CMO, to create the best 60-90 day plan that will continue to accelerate your lead generation.  You will be able to implement this plan yourself or have the option to engage our CMO services moving forward.

Fractional CMO Joshua Ramsey
Knows Marketing, Unlike Most Others!


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Industries Worked with

4.5 yr

Average Client LifeSpan

Fractional CMO

See Joshua Ramsey Full Resume.

Feel the difference of working with a fractional CMO or your average ad agency.

The first 30 days of working with Josh, your jaw will be on the ground and leave you wondering why you didn’t find this fractional CMO sooner!

Great spokesman and given great tips for implement growth in strategy in SEOs and more. Thanks! ?

Monica B

We really appreciate you speaking with our staff. Can’t thank you enough for the fresh innovative marketing concepts.

Frank Hernandez

Josh did an excellent job of laying out in a short hour hour all the advantages of using his expertise to expand our business!

Bob Harvey

Impressive professional. Fractional CMO is a new term for my business.
I highly recommend for anyone trying to take their business to the next level in SEO

Anthony Rivera

Josh and his team are very professional! His seminars are very educational. A very engaging speaker who taught me how to grow my business.

Colby Collatt

2 Hours Of Consulting

Fractional CMOs truly can’t learn much about your path in 20 minutes.  Joshua Ramsey spends 2 hours learning about your path to now and vision ahead.


The Starter Program

30 days of strategic planning with a well-defined overview of immediate steps you should take to enhance your current marketing.


30 Day Marketing

Have JRcmo work on your current marketing structure to have an immediate impact on your company’s growth.


Most growing companies can’t afford to bring in a full-time Chief Marketing Officer.  The truth is that most companies don’t need to have a CMO on staff full-time.

The biggest consideration that business owners don’t account for is that the average ad agency can sweep things under the rug and make it seem like they are doing a good job, only for the business owner to find out many months later that they were taken for a ride.  Having a marketing consultant / fractional CMO can pay off in a number of ways.  The CMO you hire should be invested in the growth of your company because that’s what keeps their job with you, not just having another account (like most ad agencies view clients, unfortunately).


Most business owners fall into one of two categories. Either they do the marketing themselves and aren’t really qualified to do so, or they have a “Marketing Person” in the decision-making position. A fractional CMO brings a fresh pair of eyes and an experienced perspective. They will assist your current marketing staff, offering new and unique strategies, while showing them how to improve.

What Is A

Fractional CMO