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Fractional CMO
Made Easy
  • What it is.
    Your strategic message must speak volumes louder than any of your competitors. You must be clear as to who you are and what makes you better than anyone else. This is also known as your Unique Selling Position (USP).
  • Avoid Platitudes
    In other words don’t sound like all of your competitors. Everyone has the best customer service, the best quality, but how does that make you UNIQUE? Come up with a truly unique selling position to build your messaging on.
  • Research Competitors and stand out from others
    If you don’t know what everyone else is doing how can you stand out?
  • How clear is you message (be honest)

    • Follow the 3-30-3 Law
      • 3 Seconds to grab attention
      • 30 seconds to ENGAGE them (pull them in)
      • 3 Seconds for them to make an easy decision to get started with you.
  • What is a KPI?
    A KPI is a Key Performance Indicator these are the leverage points or metrics that matter the most to your success. It isn’t enough to just track sales. What KPIs impact your marketing and sales process. This is rarely ever one thing but a sequence of points that create a clear picture of the actual results of your marketing efforts.

  • Cost per lead / sale
    Every time you spend a dollar or TIME networking or other, you are spending $$ that lead
    How much are you really spending to work that lead? Is that worth it? It’s important to understand what your cost per sale or cost per lead are to ensure we are using our time and money effectively.

What is the purpose of your website?

  • Is it a business card – Just to share information?
    • How easy can someone find you?
      • Do you show for your name?
      • Is there a slogan you can have people google to find you?
  • Lead Generation
    • Are you ranking?
      • How do you show up online? Can your leads find you when they are looking for you or what you provide?
    • How strong is your online profile?
      • What is the USER EXPERIENCE for your consumers? They found you but did they find what THEY wanted?
    • Do you have a funnel?
      • You got the lead in but how do you stay in contact with them? The average consumer has to be touched 7-9 times in order to convert to a sale.
        • Work to get the ‘NO’
        • Keep it SIMPLE! Marketing is about consistency not the most complicated funnels or systems.
  1. Read / Fill out our business evaluation to get you started
  2. At the end of the business evaluation, work with us to get a head start on your marketing plan

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