Writing Effective Content: A Template For Creating Powerful Copy

  • If nobody reads your ad, then your ad may as well NOT EXIST at all.
  • Your ads MUST generate new business or you’re not going to be in business at all.
  • Everything Depends On Capturing the Attention Of Your Audience, So Choose IMAGES With “Stopping Power”
  • Your Headlines Must Capture The Attention Of Your Target Audience Or You Risk Losing That Prospect Forever
  • Do not expect to come up with the greatest headline of all time overnight.
  • The Greatest Headlines Are Usually Revealed Through Steady Testing
  • Each ad should have a fantastic image and powerful headline. If you ignore either of these ingredients, you do so at your own risk, and your business and all who work there will reap the benefits or pay the consequences of your ad.
  • If your sub-headline effectively communicates to your prospect that if they pay attention further to your ad (or click a link), they will be able to solve a problem or reap a benefit that they really want.
  • Your Educational Content Needs To Provide The Information That Convinces Prospects That They Would Be Foolish To Buy From Anyone Else But You
  • Aim to speak to your audience with copy written at around a 6th or 7th grade level for maximum impact.
  • Make sure that your message is written in a way that works to MAKE THEM CARE.

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