The Science Of Customers In The Digital Age: Who’s Buying From You?

  • It’s The Best Time In The History Of The World To Own A Business – If You’re Up For A Challenge
  • With digital analytics tools and people’s behaviors being recorded on phones, tablets, anddesktop computers, we have at our fingertips (if you know where to look, or if you are willing to pay for the information) more information to help us effectively sell our goods or services to people – more efficiently and productively than ever.
  • When it comes to marketing online, do it right. Take the time and put forth the necessary resources to identify your buyers and then – with a winning strategic and tactical marketing strategy -execute your plan.
  • If people are purchasing once, but not returning, then do some homework. Find those that do provide repeat business or referrals, and identify the characteristics that make them a better prospect – then re-tune your campaign to target those buyers. It is better to shift your focus and change your plan of action than it is to continue working a bad plan.
  • Searching through any significant slip-ups and triumphs with past or existing clients will help you in narrowing your core interest.

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