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What is the difference between ad agencies?  How do you choose the best for your company?
Who Is Joshua Ramsey?  What Makes Josh Unique?
How many brains do you need to create a marketing campaign/ build a website?
What are a few important laws of marketing?
What Does Google Care About most?
Let's See How Google Works- Google The Following Terms...
Add Your Other Notes
What Is The Process To Get Sales?
Benefits of AdWords, Search Console, Analytics
For Your Company - What are the best keyword phrases that you should focus?
What Do Your Prospects Enter Into Google To Find You?
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Strategic Message
Strategic Message
How Will You take the keywords and implement them into your message?
What Is your USP (unique Selling position)?
Inside Reality - Outside perception
What is the first thing people think/understand when they land on your website?
Benefits  - Objections - Vendor Selection
How Does google adwords play a part in writing content?
How/ Why does UX play a part in creating the right message?
Interrupting Headline
Engaging Statement
Outbound Vrs Inbound marketing
Where do consumers look for your product?
AdWords - Notes section
Meta (Facebook/Insta) - Notes section
SEO - Notes section
Are you setting the choices for tactical marketing or is someone else?
Have you set your yearly budget?
how do you set your budget?  /  How could you improve this strategy?
Can you build the crystal ball of marketing yourself?
Additional Budget Notes
Tracking ROI
Tracking ROI
How much do you pay to get your phone to ring?
What is your cost per lead / cost per sale?
Where do your leads 'live'
What do you do with the leads that enter your system?  (do you have a nurturing system?)
Do you tie your leads with your spend budget and final ROI?
Other Notes - How will you improve your tracking?
Brand Guide
Brand Guide
Notes for building a brand guide
What is UI/UX?
Why is UI/ux important?
Steps to build a website.
Strategies to improve ui/ux
Are pictures or words more important to your audience?  Which tells the story better?
Who is designing your tactical marketing? (who should be?)

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